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Corporate Summary

Apexian Pharmaceuticals is a privately held clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel compounds to treat cancer, targeting the multiple functions of the APE1 protein. Founded in 2007, through the research of our founder and CSO, Mark Kelley, Ph.D., Apexian is advancing a lead drug candidate, APX3330, ready to move into clinical studies. Apexian will initially target late stage cancers refractory to existing treatments in a multi-center phase 1 clinical study.

Several additional drug candidates are in pre-clinical development that came from an extensive structure activity relationship (SAR) to build a broad intellectual property portfolio in this target area. In addition to treating cancers directly, these molecules impact other important biological function and those are being assessed through collaborations with global researchers.


  • Clinical stage, cancer biotech targeting a novel biological pathway – APE1/Ref-1
  • Lead drug candidate APX3330 is initially being developed for pancreatic cancer
  • Tolerability and dosing of APX3330 has been established by Eisai Pharmaceuticals through a previous phase 2B development program in non-cancer indications
  • Granted patents for APX3330 in various cancers with exclusivity through 2030
  • FDA has issued Study May Proceed letter in July 2016 for Phase 1A/B study
  • Robust manufacturing process has produced clinical supplies ready to ship
  • IP available for pipeline of other compounds hitting the APE1 target
  • Currently seeking $10+ million to initiate phase 1 A/B clinical studies in Q1, 2017