Mark Kelley speaks at Fort Wayne Riley Reception; talks about research

Nearly 5,000 times each year, a child from Northeast Indiana comes to Riley Hospital or one of its regional clinics for treatment. At the Riley Society reception in Fort Wayne last week, we were reminded how much our support means to those families, most of whom never expected to become “Riley families.”

Apex Therapeutics and Riley cancer researcher and Huntington native Mark Kelley, Ph.D., explained the progress his team is making in finding new ways to treat childhood cancer. His team’s work depends heavily on philanthropy due to the increasing scarcity of funding for pediatric research.

As guest speaker Angie Steinberger from Fort Wayne shared the story of the day her daughter, Grace, was diagnosed with leukemia at Riley, one thing stood out: the compassion their doctor showed as he carefully explained Grace’s condition. The Steinbergers will also be forever grateful to Riley supporters like you. Because of donations, Riley physicians are now using a test which enabled them to detect a small, residual amount of cancer in Grace’s system. Her doctors extended her treatment to make sure all the cancer cells were wiped out. Today, Grace is a happy, energetic 3-year-old with a bright future.

Riley Society Gifts of $1,000 or more help ensure that Riley Hospital has the steady foundation of support it needs to continue advancing research and helping children from all parts of Indiana. If you have already made a gift to Riley, thank you. You can also supporting Riley Hospital by becoming a Riley Society member.

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