The Phase I oncology study of
APX3330 is underway

Clinical Program

actual drug product to be used in clinical trial
actual drug product to be used in clinical trial

Clinical Status: A Phase I human clinical trial evaluating APX3330 in cancer patients with advanced solid tumors is now nearing completion and results will be reported at major medical conferences in early 2019.

Background: APX3330 modifies the activity of APE1/Ref-1, a dual-function protein that governs critical aspects of cancer cell survival and growth while simultaneously protecting against chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), a condition that affects many cancer patients, and for which there is no effective therapy. In pre-clinical models, administration of APX3330 preferentially decreases cancer cell activity while increasing protection against CIPN. The neuroprotective activity of APX3330 has garnered the interest of patients, physicians and research scientists worldwide and additional studies that will begin accrual in mid- to late-2019 evaluating the potential benefit of APX3330 in patients receiving platinum-based chemotherapy. Information on APX3330 clinical studies will be posted at